Rating: 5 out of 5.

It was in 2013 when I first stepped foot in Chez Georges, with images of Julia Child dancing in my head back then. Whether or not it’s true that this was one of her favorite spots, after that first visit I told myself that I would come back at some point and simply hoped for the moment to come. It took time but the stars aligned, and the chance finally came. The hotel we are staying in is within walking distance – seven minutes to be exact – and after requesting our concierge call on our behalf and surprisingly getting a table for us the same evening, it was a done deal. I was about to relive an experience that’s been in my mind for more than eight years.


We arrived to see a shabby-looking façade but with its familiar wood paneling still recognizable, luckily blessed with a corner table as one of the first customers through the door despite arriving a few minutes late. Here it is, before the rush of diners came in.


I say luckily as by the time dessert came, we were all elbow-to-elbow in the dining room, as if there was no health emergency happening in this part of the world. The classics were all there for the taking – escargot to start, sole meunière for the main event, and profiteroles to finish. If I had a big enough stomach I would have easily ordered a whole lot more – the foie gras for one was just calling out my name.


Same as the last time, all I could hear spoken from the other tables were English with only a smattering of mercis from patrons and the staff, which under different circumstances would have given me pause. All the same, for me it didn’t matter – the service was good, food was delicious, and the atmosphere was typically French. Like a scene lifted from a movie that I was more than glad to be part of.

There may be yet time and opportunity for another visit who knows when, such things shouldn’t be forced. To be really appreciated, even the best experiences should be few and far between. Cinematic bistros included.


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