Rating: 4 out of 5.

It was a little bit longer to drive to but it sure was worth the effort.
We took our sweet time this morning to think of someplace to languorously spend the day in, and with thanks to Teko, we got to know about a little-known estate outside of Denekamp, a small town close to the German border. It was almost 90 minutes’ drive away and a bit on the far side for just lunch, so it had to hopefully be interesting enough to while away a few hours in – the pictures online looked good enough so optimistically off we went. On a beautiful, sunny, 16 degree Sunday, we came upon this little piece of cozy heaven in neighboring Overijssel province, where we started the day with a meal at Restaurant de Watermolen, the only game in town.


Undeterred by all the occupied tables out front, we decided to dine inside and found out at the last second that they had more outdoor seating at the back, which were even quieter and loads more atmospheric what with the watermill and babbling brook nearby. Choosing a table that was fully exposed to the sun, the cool wind tempered, our sudden oasis was just what we were looking for and not even the simple menu could make it any less so. Fueled by a brilliant glass of sauvignon blanc, my meal was completed by a hearty local tosti then topped by a larger than anticipated ice cream sundae, while Teko’s uitsmijter and belgian waffles did the job. I relished each satisfying bite.


With quick service, the meal was over sooner than expected, and the opportunity to walk off lunch proved exciting. The cobblestoned streets to and from the restaurant were typically storybook, surrounded by historic buildings, greens, and bridges over a winding Dinkel river. After a quick look at the local artisanal store, we noticed an unusual site – a turnstile to the adjacent park that required tokens for payment. With some urging, Teko got us our entry coins from the store, and with few people wanting to pay, we were able to walk around the Singraven estate as if we owned the place. It wasn’t a bad idea at all – the peace and quiet were addictive and the grounds were beautiful.


All in all, we had a pleasant time with our lunch by the watermill and ‘following the swans’ in Denekamp. The simple meal was memorable if only for where it was, I would gladly stop by there again anytime given the chance. And with much gratitude to Teko who drove the distance back and forth without complaint, while I did nothing but doze off and enjoy the quick passing of time, I’m so lucky we can do and enjoy these things together.

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