Rating: 3 out of 5.

It’s 12:03 and they still weren’t open.

Amidst geese balancing on one leg and passing weekend motorbike warriors, we along with over a half-dozen others found ourselves by the front gate of De Boerenschuur waiting for the relaxed staff to open for business this Sunday. And they were clearly not in any hurry.


We were actually in the area a good 15 minutes early but didn’t mind waiting since the weather was nice and there looked like some nice walking paths nearby, at first glance at least. But about 50 meters into our attempted trek we had to turn back lest we be hit by passing traffic. Back by the parking lot we whiled the time away mingling with local wildlife that were enjoying the sun as we were, and after the barriers were finally lifted, were able to enter the rural atmosphere of ‘The Farmers’ Barn’ and got down to the business of lunch.


Despite the late opening, our server was a nice, friendly woman who always had a ready smile for overbearing customers like us, and the grilled burger with a side of fries and salad that I got passed muster. Teko’s chicken schnitzel though seemed to have still been rare inside even as it looked over-grilled on the outside, only time will tell if he comes out of this meal unscathed. Enjoying another meal out in their nice terrace though, in equally nice weather if we were in the area again, would be a great experience that I would welcome openheartedly. Next time we’ll be sure to be there again at opening time – 12:03 on the dot.


2 thoughts on “DE BOERENSCHUUR | Vierhouten

  1. It is good to see you visited Vierhouten! A beautiful little village in a nice surrounding! Maybe we can visit this place with the four of us somewhere in the future?


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