Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Another weekend has arrived. With great, summer night weather as forecast, the time had come to enjoy what our little village had to offer for our first dinner night out in the town.
We’ve been here a week now and I can say we’ve done a fair bit of walking around, and one place that quickly caught my attention was a canalside pop-up that was just off of busy Vischpoortstraat, looking quite attractive. It was buzzing last weekend which was a good sign and not as noisy as the other eateries giving it even more appeal. I made it a point for us to go there the first chance we got and lucky for me it turned out to be sooner than I thought. On this Friday the 13th of August we settled into a decent-sized table, table number 13 coincidentally, beside a romantic-looking canal ready to start our weekend with an atmospheric, waterside meal.


I went for the angus steak while Teko chose the lamb, and with competent service from the staff we didn’t have to wait long to start eating. The portion size of the main dish was exceptionally small, perfect for those on a diet – though to be fair we did opt for the €20 two-plate menu option – and like Teko wisely predicted, it was all gone in sixty seconds. With a lot of room left for dessert, among the three options it was down to the raspberry and limoncello desserts, and not an hour later dinner was done.


We took the long way home, abandoning the busy high street for the quieter side alleys, window shopping past some antique and home stores along the way, and even buying a pair of brass candlestick holders at a shop that was still open. It was a great night out in the end, with the benefit of pleasant weather, the smell of fresh, small town air, good service, amid the setting of a quaint, medieval town, I felt lucky to be there and enjoy it all. Friday the 13th hasn’t felt this good in a long time.


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