Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

If not for the invasion of gnats, it was actually a very good lunch.

For the sake of variety I pointed out to Teko a restaurant in a woodsy part of Nunspeet, about 20 minutes away from Elburg, which looked like a good lunch stop after we left Amsterdam this morning. It was an old-looking country house surrounded by big beautiful trees, an outdoor dining terrace and a menu that called out Teko’s name – uncomplicated comfort food with Angus burger as the highlight. Surprisingly he opted instead for the schnitzel and I ended up with the Herberg Special of pan-fried beef steak. After five days of burgers it was time to try something else.


We had our choice of where to sit but it seemed like we had gnats to keep us company anywhere we sat. Once our orders came, which was faster than I expected, I was so hungry I wolfed down everything that was on my plate, every single salad leaf and all, and even a little bit from Teko’s schnitzel, feeling proud that nothing was going to go to waste in this meal. Owing to our unwelcome dining companions, a couple of which ended up in Teko’s soda, dessert got ruled out as an option and so we quickly paid the bill and looked forward to a nice walk in the surrounding woods to burn off the fritesaus. The walking paths from the Herberg though were limited so not more than ten minutes’ walk later we decided to turn back and drive on to Elburg.

I actually had a nice outdoor dining experience with the Herberg, and Nunspeet located not too far from our new home I wouldn’t mind going back in the least. We still need to make our acquaintance with their Angus burger after all.

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