Rating: 4 out of 5.

It was our second visit in so many weeks and the atmosphere was still as cozy as the first time.
After another long drive, this time to an architectural salvage store in Udenhout over a hundred kilometers away, we ended up back in Elburg to drop off more of our stuff from Amsterdam before heading out for a late lunch. Given the lateness my expectation that the restaurants on the main drag would be less busy was quickly shot down by the sight of many people walking and milling around, though through sheer dumb luck this didn’t stop us from getting a prime corner seat out on the De Vischmarkt’s terrace. Content with that fact alone, I already knew lunch was going to be great, even in the off chance that the food wasn’t, and the busyness of the area around us only contributed to a feeling that usually just comes around Christmas time. The jolliness was in the air.


The Angus burger seemed the best option for me while Teko got an uitsmijter, the usual staples in mid-market restaurants here (along with carpaccio that never fails to be on most menus). Service was quick and friendly, which is usually a rarity in this country but seems to be par for the course here, and after our orders came and the first bite taken, Teko and I sat quietly eating our lunch while enjoying the hum of activity around us.


We’ve been driving long distances lately to gain inspiration for decorating the house and luckily or not haven’t yet bought anything. We have though been splurging out on lunches by constantly eating out and becoming as local as possible – simply walking a minute or so from our doorstep to the establishments close by and I’m glad to say we haven’t been disappointed yet. I’ve already tagged some as favorites and thankfully still have a lot of others to try out, all the more motivation to enjoy our new small town life here.


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