Rating: 5 out of 5.

On a rainy Sunday, despite still no furniture to speak of, we excitedly found ourselves back in our new home in Elburg, having brought along a few knicknacks and photos to make it more homey until moving day next week. With no internet, TV, or even decent chairs to lounge on it didn’t take long for the minor decorating to get done and it was again time for lunch.
Remembering the seafood soup I had there when Teko’s parents came to visit yesterday, I suggested we go back for Sunday lunch, waiting for the rainshower to subside a bit before venturing out. We got there after a quick two minute walk only a bit damp and got seated in the second floor dining area, a bit let down that the noise level was set on high. Even during not so great weather, Elburg restaurants are hopping.


Not finding anything too exotic in the menu, I settled for the spare ribs while Teko ordered his usual burger, made with wagyu beef this time. My experience with spare ribs in this part of the world is limited and for the most part sorely lacking, and I didn’t expect too much but hoped that I wouldn’t be too disappointed. We had a nice view of the streets below anyway and didn’t notice the time pass by until our orders came.


Famished Teko wolfed his meal down like there was no tomorrow, though when he got the chance he did say the burger was pretty good. My spare ribs in turn were a revelation and close to amazing. The tender meat easily came off the bone and the bbq sauce was nothing short of perfect. The power of minimal expectations strikes again and for a second time I was surprised at what their kitchen came up with. The dessert finale was an inspired version of a Dame Blanche, inspired because the combo of ice cream, whipped cream, and warmed up condensed milk really worked. At least it did for my third world-trained taste buds. All in all the meal was a really good one, and yet another reason to make me feel good about this next chapter.



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