Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yesterday was meant to be a memorable day, what with the onset of our new life in laidback Elburg. I guessed beforehand that it was also going to be a long day and felt it important to start in grand but affordable fashion by having our first meal of the day in a palace-slash-hotel in Vollenhove, a place I’d long tagged in my Google map as a destination I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Given its proximity to our new home base, the chance proved a fitting opportunity to see more of that part of the country, and luckily it ended up being a wonderful excursion and easily tagged as a map favorite. To be surrounded by gorgeous history while enjoying a hearty, decent breakfast was a fantastic start to a special day.


After a satisfying repast we had more than enough time for a walk around town, admiring old buildings left and right, past historic churches and expensive boats in the harbor, and then back to OldRuitenborgh, discovering along the way that my inner shutterbug has resurrected from its long slumber. The itch to be creative was back again.


After many months of not having written a word nor taken a single photo, prompted by a serious bout with Covid – so serious I had to be brought by ambulance to a hospital – my zest for life albeit slowly has come back. The whole of May was a blur of illness and quarantined recovery, while June and July were peppered with forced attempts to seize the moment and gain inspiration, going out on Friday night dinners, and weekend lunches along waterside restaurants. I feel I’ve been given another chance to make hay, while I may not use it in any earth-shatteringly important way I can at least contribute to a civilized coexistence that harms no one and nothing except our bank account. Here’s to more seize the day moments ahead.

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