Rating: 4 out of 5.

Our Christmas feast has started early.

Given that restaurants are still on lockdown all over the Netherlands and in neighboring countries, it’s been lingering in my mind whether this holiday will turn out to be a wash, hoping against hope we’ll be able to enjoy even to a limited extent some cheer and feasting and if only to say goodbye to a mostly tragic year. Checking online for food sources, trusty Bijenkorf has started selling cakes for the season, high quality ones that are hard to overlook, and like a cloud-free winter day, aren’t that easy to get.


In the U.S. it was easy enough to drop by a bakery, ogle a ton of cake options and if any called out my name, quickly pay for it and take it home. Even better, there’d be options to do it all online now, no muss no fuss, and exceedingly practical given current Covid regulations. Here in Amsterdam town, it’s all a bit delayed and old-fashioned, expectations of instant gratification sure to be detrimental to mental health. A few weeks to deliver curtains, a month or so for a carpet, at least three months for a sofa. And 24 hours to order, purchase, and pick-up a cake. Deliveries not possible.


De Bijenkorf’s version of the classic Schwarzwalder or Black Forest Cake, with one layer of cake topped with kirsch mousse and cream, and covered with shavings of pure chocolate and two beautiful cherries, is much fancier than anything I’ve come across in Germany and definitely nothing similar to it here in the Netherlands. Given the calorie bomb that it is, it was all that I had for lunch today, and quite likely for most of dinner since I don’t expect Teko to partake much of it for himself. The best time of the year is so close by and I can finally taste it.


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