Rating: 4 out of 5.

With a bit of disappointment my hope that we would have dinner last night in the velvet-themed, French-inspired Prins Bernhard room ended up for naught. While attractive in its own right, our dinner venue was the other dining area in the opposite side of the building close to the reception desk – which in terms of character didn’t even come close.
In any case we were treated with our choice of where to sit and once we settled into a cozy corner got down to business. For the first hour or so we were the only guests there, the solitude and quiet were wonderful while it lasted.


The dinner menu was dominated by small dishes along the lines of Spanish tapas but a lot more polished, though if I were to base the meal merely on the freshly-baked bread with generously slathered butter, it would have already been a success. They were that good.
Starting off with beef tartar, something I’m not partial to but was okay with nonetheless, it was followed by delicious risotto then roasted cod, and topped off with a dessert of chocolate tart, the same as what I had for lunch making me wish I’d ordered the apple tart Teko had instead. I didn’t get a taste of Teko’s house burger but the fries covered with truffle mayo was simply addictive.
As for the service it was on point and the atmosphere sophisticated, which are not surprising since I found out later on that they had a Michelin star until a couple of years ago. I can’t imagine they’d have a hard time getting it back but with many instances of restaurants declining such an association it could be they just preferred not to. In case they do, given our experience last night, I can’t see that being a problem at all.


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