DIEGO’S | Rotterdam

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Today was another visit-mom-in-Rotterdam day for Teko, and rather than stay home with just the internet as company I was persuaded to go along after he said the magic word…


Since my last meeting with his mother didn’t end in the most cordial way – we butted heads over a delay with a meal she ordered – I thought it best to wait in the car while Teko did his familial duty. It did give me enough time to scour the city for something practical, meaning affordable, and above average, which given our many previous visits has ceased to be as easy as before. By the time Teko got back the satnav was programmed and I in turn said the magic word…


And just like that we were on our way to Diego’s and from the looks of it, as the first customers for the day.


Teko’s burger called ‘Bugles the night away’, with cheese sauce fancifully hand-poured table-side, was actually cheaper than most other burgers he’s had from countless other restaurants, which was unexpected because it’s also much better in every other way. The beef was good but the combination with the other ingredients including the bugle chips apparently made it stand out.
As for me, having skipped breakfast, the BFF burger ended up being my one and only meal today – an honest to goodness, messy, American-type burger that’s a cut above the rest, along with extra sides of satisfying fried onion rings and just-right sweet potato fries, and a decent glass of Australian Shiraz. Even with an empty stomach I did have to ask for a doggie bag to bring home the unfinished fries and luckily the staff obliged.
While the decor wasn’t entirely to my taste I was glad they made an effort, and their location in Kop van Zuid, what I consider the nicest neighborhood in Rotterdam where Hotel New York is also located, is hard to beat. So long as the food quality stays the same and they won’t be going anywhere, I expect we’ll be back. In these unpredictable times, artisanal, whimsically-named burgers can only help.


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