Rating: 5 out of 5.

We’d been here before Teko told me a few times but try as I did my faded memory couldn’t completely grasp the idea. As we left our car in the parking lot and graciously received a yet to expire parking stub from a generous stranger – thanks for that! – recollections of our previous visit nearly three years ago very slowly came back, the resurrected trauma of a long, uphill walk towards the castle jogging my brain back to life. I started to remember the classic train that ferried visitors to the station right in front of the estate, and after we reached the castle I finally recalled the Christmas market that was the reason for our first visit. There were far less people now, still more than expected though, and after all the excitement in Linz am Rhein earlier in the day, we definitely had to sit down and eat somewhere. With no expectations, the cafe inside the castle had to make do.


The surrounding view from the restaurant’s overlook was absolutely inspiring – with the Bonn skyline from afar and a rare zeppelin floating in the gorgeous, blue sky above the green landscape – well enough to distract from creeping hunger. It wasn’t long before we had our fill of delicious schnitzel and afterward were onto the task of checking out the famous castle, something we failed to do the first time.


The interiors are stunning and well-kept, to wake up every morning with a view of the hills and valleys from the main bedroom balcony without a doubt made for a very lucky master of the house.
We spent a good amount of time there, longer than I expected, egged on by the cool winds, sunny skies, and the monumental castle in front of us. Wishing we had taken the train going up there, it was easy enough going back down, with plenty of help from gravity, and an exciting, last minute get-together with one of my closest friends from my former life in Washington D.C. who now calls Germany her home. Ultimately, Schloss Drachenburg was a great visit this second time around, and may even be more wonderful with the coming Christmas market, should it happen. Either way two times the charm is without a doubt something I wouldn’t soon forget.

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