BISTROT DU BAC | Rotterdam

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thankfully, Teko was happy to go for French food last night as it was slim pickings in the neighborhood where we were staying. There were a handful of restaurants in the surrounding area of course but none of them called out in any particular way, except for a French bistro that seemed to take significant effort to stand out. The photos online reminded me of a similar restaurant we went to in Calais at the start of our British road trip around this same time last year and it felt fitting to do the same for this the start of another mini-vacation. It wasn’t in France but it looked like the next best thing, considering. The short walk from the hotel, over the Rijnhavenbrug onto the Katendrecht neighborhood, was lovely – the quays full of people and a live band playing for the relaxed crowd – and from the moment we arrived and sat on a French-sized corner table by their front terrace I knew it was the right choice.


The feeling of being on holiday was emphatic, helped no doubt by generous sips of bubbly, next-level friendly service, and delicious food served with gusto one after another. It really felt like we were in a completely different country, far away from unimaginative cuisine, mediocre waitstaff, and all too depressing weather.
As we walked back to the hotel to call it a day, the stunning sight of the sun setting in the distance, beautiful and clear as can be, added to what was an already blissful moment. Day one of our reborn holiday turned out better than expected.

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