Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

It always feels good to be on holiday, and that’s exactly what it felt like to be in the sunny beaches of Petten this morning. The cool, brisk wind hitting my face as we stepped out of the car was a nice jolt, quickly followed by a feeling of giddiness as we walked on the path leading to the seaside restaurant where we planned to have breakfast, only a handful of people in sight and the promise of an idyllic morning seemingly likely. Looking at the predominantly German license plates in the parking lot, a lot of our continental neighbors must have figured the same. As we sat by one of the beachside tables – it was incidentally the first time since March that I didn’t have to call ahead to book a table, a sign of resurrected times – with the breakfast crowd still not around, we easily got our order through and enjoyed a pleasant house breakfast surrounded by beautiful Mother Nature.


Powered up, the walk along the beach afterwards was refreshing, not to mention therapeutic. Seeing the rough waves dramatically hit the shore, families, couples, and weekend athletes quietly enjoying themselves, against the backdrop of the imposing lifeguard station was a sight. As we left idyllic Petten, it was clear that we made a great decision to go in and out early – while our way home was relatively casual, the roads going to the beach at that point were as busy as it could get. Happy Saturdays are surely hard to beat.


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