MOSSEL & GIN | Amsterdam

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

It was a rainy mess of a day when I and five ladies finally met up for our long-delayed bachelorette dinner get-together, and I was filled with angst almost from start to finish. Yes, in this the 21st century I’ve been chosen for a traditionally female role in a friend’s bridal party, something I in my many decades never really anticipated but anyway accepted with only the slightest hesitation. My anxiety though didn’t come from this, but rather that I would have to meet up with both close friends and relative strangers face to face, and for the first time in a long time – since March anyway – in a restaurant in busy Amsterdam, and on a weekend night at that. Luckily, to avoid getting drenched by rain and possible infection from public transport, Teko was able to drop me off as close to the event as possible, but only after parking illegally and waiting for a quarter of an hour while the rain subsided. It was without a doubt a great time to feel grateful that we have a car. I arrived on time to see just one other person had made it so far, face mask in hand and still anxious with the possibility of catching something.
I noted the small table we were assigned to and how drenched it was from the rain – we had to sit out in the terrace as our group was too large to sit indoors – and made sure to express my overall dread. With some maneuvering we were able to make do with the situation, and after the others trickled in one by one we finally began our ‘girls’ night out in as dry a fashion as possible.


When all was said and done the bride-to-be appeared to have a good time, and with constant use of liquid sanitizer I came out relatively mentally unscathed by the whole proceeding. The restaurants staff was quite game with the entire situation, keeping a brave face despite the busy-ness and the rain that kept pouring every so often. The gin tonics were refreshingly good – though not sure what gin they used exactly – and with rose petals, fruits, and other additions rather on the elaborate side. The tomato basil mussels I got were satisfying but a bit high on the mess potential so if I was ever to go back the simpler, classic version would have to be next. Was I glad to be out on a rainy Friday night in the busy city? Not completely. To be surrounded with close friends and meet friendly, new ones however was a consequence that made up for all the effort. Apart from the pleasant memories and a full tummy, fingers crossed I didn’t bring anything else along home with me.
Wish the photos came out better though.

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