IN DEN RUSTWAT | Rotterdam

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

It was rainy when we left Amsterdam this morning and just a bit cloudy once we got to Rotterdam for another weekend lunch outing, something I’d been looking forward to after practically two weeks of routinely staying at home. Dressed up a bit less casually this time, I wore jeans instead of track pants, black leather shoes, and a cashmere sweater for the first time since Spring, as the place we were headed to wasn’t going to be our usual burger and club sandwich kind of a place – it was actually the setting for Teko’s parents’ wedding reception, which is how we got to know of it in the first place. With light traffic and no untoward incidents on the road we got there a few minutes ahead of schedule, sat down to a still-empty restaurant – that was nice – and relished the peace and solitude. With crisp, white linen all over and being located in an historic building, it was a happy reminder of places we tried on our road trip last year through England – Rogan & Co in Cartmel came to mind – and content with the thought quickly felt at peace with the world.


The fact that the building where the restaurant is located dates back to 1597 is amazing in itself, a gloriously preserved, 16th century former inn. After several amuse-bouches, three beautiful courses from the Bib Gourmand menu, two glasses of wine, and a well-crafted cast iron dog sitting on our table, I was physically stuffed and thoroughly satisfied with what transpired. The lunchtime crowd was nicely quiet, the dining space well-thought out, and the service two stars out of three (one of our three servers seemed to be having a bad day). While IDRW may not have a Michelin star, it won’t be a surprise if that were to happen in the future if not sometime soon. It was the nicest Saturday lunch in a long time.

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