ON THE ROCK | Aalsmeer

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Given the tropical-grade weather today, having lunch by the water would not have qualified as an all-time best idea – but we tried it anyway. Not far from our home was this restaurant on the shores of Westeinderplassen, a lake just 20 minutes’ drive away – a far closer option than any of the other lakes we’d been to these past weeks, and likely less busy given this weekend’s rare, sticky weather when most locals would rather be out west by the North Sea. In any case it was a chance I was willing to take as this was the only opportunity I had to go out all week.
With little traffic on the roads apart from a very active drawbridge, we got there in time, parked like a washed out rockstar, and walked in to an empty restaurant and then out onto a decent lakeside table – next to a wedding event being prepared for the day. I didn’t envy the future couple at all.


The steamy temps were in the 30s, a usual occurrence for a few days in the summer though I have a strong feeling this will be the norm soon, and wasn’t ideal for leisurely, outdoor dining much less for a memorable occasion such as getting hitched. I was this close to sweating just from eating alone – the chilled wine quickly became lukewarm not soon after it arrived – and in my shorts and white, cotton shirt, while I have little doubt it would be hellish for anyone in their formal wedding finery – a true test for any newlywed couple. The burger turned out much better than I expected and the sweet potato fries were a great compliment so it wasn’t all completely unsatisfying. The pleasant view and relative quiet were pluses that would have made the our experience perfect otherwise, so if there’s any possible consolation for the wedding party, I hope the reception menu includes burger and fries, at least.


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