Given our overnight extravagance last weekend it was high time for moderation. 
The moment had come to commemorate yet another birthday milestone – mine – keep costs to a minimum and not let a weekend go to waste, so it was after a considerable amount of searching that I found and decided on a place to celebrate another increasingly non-event in my life. It’s a relaxed, waterside restaurant with competent staff, good coffee, decent food, and a cozy location. The peace and quiet was a great complement to the sunny – albeit intermittently – Saturday morning. 


After a messy but completely satisfying uitsmijter topped by a nice cup of cappuccino, one of the nicest in a long while, admiring the attractive view outside was the next obvious step. Despite the occasional clouds blocking the warm sun, walking on the small beach and the surrounding shore was like being on an actual beach by the North Sea or the Baltic on a summer day. Refreshing and inspiring in equal measure. For a cheap, low-key birthday outing, it was as life-affirming as it could get. 

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