My attempts in the kitchen have now diverged to dessert, one Filipino dessert in particular that based on the simplistic recipe looked quite easy to do and which harked back to a far removed, less complicated time in my decades-full life. It’s a rice-based dish but one that uses the sticky variety, which meant I couldn’t get what I needed from my usual Dutch grocery sources and so had to scour online oriental stores hoping to find one that was seemingly reliable though ultimately only vaguely familiar. Luckily I stumbled onto the cheeky-sounding Asian Food Lovers website, where I half-expected semi-naked ads to start popping up on my screen but thankfully found nothing except real – even familiar – Asian food goodness. Not only were my hard to find ingredients available there were options to choose from, and I even found some Filipino shortbread cookies direct from the motherland in the online store virtually calling out my name. While eventually necessary, online shopping has become so easy these days.


What came out of the oven was pretty close to what I expected but I had to wait until it cooled down before trying it. When the time came I was crestfallen – even with the creamy coconut milk and cup of brown sugar, the rice was nearly tasteless. Texture was on the spot though.
The situation resolved itself a day later though when I decided to bring my disappointing work out of the fridge, microwaved it for half a minute, and sprinkled some brown sugar, it was a complete revelation. It was delicious, and from a presentation standpoint, with the brown sugar on it, it was even an improvement.
I don’t know when I’ll do biko again but I’m certainly glad my first ever attempt at a food from my early, Philippine life came out surprisingly fine.


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