Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

With restaurants all over the country ordered closed until 20 May, it was a nice surprise to find out that the restaurant in the hotel we’re staying in in Texel was open to staying guests. Not just for breakfast but even lunch and dinner, in a way absolutely necessary since we didn’t bring any food along with us at all. With all the time and effort spent trying as much as possible to stay home, ordering close to everything online even groceries, and ever the paranoid creature that I am, I was concerned with the possibility of catching something from everything that was in the hotel. Given the tempting opportunity to sit down to a professionally done meal in a thoughtful, well-regarded establishment, we decided to balance it out anyway – with trust and compromise. Each guest room is assigned a dedicated, larger-than-usual table and the food is set down at the farthest edge away from the diners, with the server always a meter and a half away. Decent compromise.
Our dining experience began with a late lunch just after check-in, which despite the mix-up of serving us beef tartar instead of hamburgers, was satisfying and brought back many memories of similar meals over the ages. Not to mention we were the only customers at the time, the peace and quiet was inspiring after the long drive and ferry ride we took earlier. The restaurant’s subtle nautical theme reminded us of the Hotel Glücksburg near the German-Danish border, still one of the best experiences we’ve had while on holiday, and was a sign that our visit to Texel this time around was heading in the same direction.


After an amazing walk along the beach on the northern side of the island that took up a great part of the day, we were back in time for dinner at our usual table, where seasonal white asparagus was on the menu. From the bitterbal amuse-bouche, to the home-made bread, and three following courses – the desserts were hands down the best – the dinner was another nostalgia trip, and this time around the dining area was hopping – I counted six other tables, which happily meant they were doing better than I expected. The desserts oddly took the longest time to prepare but when the entire dinner was over, it was another home run meal and early enough for us to catch the beautiful, isolated sunset back at the northern beach before calling it a full day.


Breakfast the next morning was all laid out and ready for us when we got there, efficiency is key after all, and very well prepared us for one last hurrah of sightseeing before catching our ferry back. Every item on the table was worth wolfing down – the fresh orange juice, the fruit smoothie, eggs, meats, breads, etc etc. and naturally I felt obliged not to leave anything to waste. From delicious beginning to end, from the food to the service, Gusta was terrific, ticked all the boxes and will be a definite stop the next time we’re back. Without a doubt a place to relish with Gusta.


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