TEXEL 2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It’s King’s Day on Monday which meant it’s a long holiday weekend here in the Netherlands – not that such things are very different in these Covid times. Even though the line between weekends and weekdays have blurred to nothingness, there’s still vestigial anticipation especially when plans are made to stir things up – for example, with a staycation somewhere relatively close by that can still be interesting even when most places and activities are shut down. Close to being a yearly ritual for me and Teko, it was time again to walk the beautiful, wide, empty beaches and enjoy the rural, nautical sites in the island of Texel.
Due to bad planning, however, we left Amsterdam too early arriving at our ferry jump-off point in Den Helder nearly 2 hours before schedule. With that much free time, there was little choice but to wander around the area, which thankfully had a few interesting sites within short walking distance, and gave us enough time to get back for the quick journey over a tiny stretch of the North Sea.


With clear, blue skies, 10 degree weather with only the gentlest wind, and in light of social limitations still in place, we experienced what could actually be one of the most appreciated, amazing walks ever. The endless beach on the north side of the island where the red Vuurtoren stood was as enticing as all the previous times we’d been, and it was a genuine pleasure just being there.
We spent a good two hours in the afternoon, and headed back again to catch a near flawless beach sunset in the evening, the first time I can remember Teko and I ever doing such a thing. Just the two of us standing side by side taking in the moment for what it was. Beautiful and fleeting, and barring the onset of dementia, likely one of the most memorable moments of our life together.


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