Rating: 4 out of 5.

What can one do under social distancing rules and it’s a gorgeous Sunday outside. Go to a cemetery, naturally.
Teko being the WW2 history buff and wanting in places to visit on weekends suggested a drive all the way south to Limburg for a quiet walk among the German departed. In any other time it would be an odd choice but as there were few practical places left, it was as good as any place else. I was curious why Germans would be buried here and not in neighboring Germany, and guessed correctly that they were soldiers who died from the last Great War. Nearly 32,000 of them, a huge number that’s likely the reason to keep them in place. The 90-minute drive notwithstanding, it was nice to step out of our apartment and out in the open air for the first time in a week. The drive itself was nice, the highways calm, and once we reached our destination found a quiet parking lot and lots of space to wander and introspect.

As expected there weren’t any Star of Davids in sight. It reminded me of the American Cemetery in Manila, which has just half the number, but on a far less grander scale. I found it interesting as well that for Nazis, who fought in the name of racial purity and engaged in genocide, that they would be left remembered by a religious symbol such as a cross. I can appreciate fighting for what you believe in but to do it for what’s generally considered the most evil of reasons and still be honored with a sacred symbol is in many ways the height of irony, I find. Then again I suppose in the end who knows really where we’ll all end up, whether it’s up, down, in an urn, or six feet under. In the end, whatever our deceits or accomplishments in life, it’s good to have a final resting place that’s respectable –  enough to be well-remembered in. 

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