BRUNCH | Box Sociaal

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My other usual weekend dining companion, Emmy, whom I haven’t seen in ages I can’t recall when, was kind enough to agree to our first and probably only get-together this first Sunday of February, 02-02-2020. Despite the demotivating, drizzly, and gray weather today, we were able to meet up in the uppity Plantage neighborhood to catch up on old times and experience the hype over another Aussie-themed brunch place in little Amsterdam town.


What’s surprising about Box Sociaal that gives it a huge advantage over similar brunch places – yes, I’m talking about you Bakers & Roasters – is that, wonderfully,  they take reservations, and it was a joy and a breeze to come in through the door, into the space-starved foyer and quickly get seated just like that. The place was busy beyond words which meant it was extremely loud and crowded, and with a hectic atmosphere that was hard to get over at the beginning, but with much gratitude to a receptive reservations staff, we were able to get a semi-private table that proved to be among the better ones on the floor. Given how limited the space was, it almost felt like a luxury.
Their version of Eggs Benedict was quite tasty, the coffee was good, as was the fresh OJ. And with a super-efficient staff who handled the heavy rush of customers like pros, constantly on the prowl for customers in need, it’s no wonder the place has been getting good word of mouth and poised to be one of the best brunch spots in the city. With a lot more to discover on the menu – the burgers were looking pretty enticing – it’s only a question of when the next visit would be. All it takes is a reservation after all. 


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