BRUNCH | Zoku Amsterdam

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The first brunch of the year happened on the first Saturday of this ‘new decade’, going by conventional wisdom at least since the next decade actually starts in 2021 – and going along with the theme of change, it wasn’t a brunch experience in the usual sense. As recommended by former work colleagues, Zoku is actually a hotel-type establishment with a restaurant on the top floor and with good word of mouth plus never having set foot there, we decided it was worth a try. With my usual brunch partner in crime, Agata, whom I haven’t seen in seven months, joined by another ex-colleague, Lariza, we were all able to catch up in Zoku’s relaxed surroundings over a decent, self-ordered, no-nonsense local version of a breakfast burrito. 


The self-order concept actually appealed to me though it would help if the equipment they used worked well enough. The one and only iPad to order the food was intuitive although the connection had to be rechecked by a staffer as it kept declining our payment, and the sole coffee machine got too crowded at one point and once we did get to it didn’t seem to be working properly at first. The service, however, was exceptional considering the price-point and the communal tables, a potential dealbreaker if the place was busy, worked well for our party of three as thankfully it was quiet on the Saturday noon we were there.
It would be nice to come back to Zoku on a nice, warm day to sit out on the terrace with a cocktail or two in hand, more so with good friends along, and as for brunch, it was different and not at all in a bad way. I can only hope this new year turns out to be at least the same – uncomplicated, satisfying, and with plenty of good company.


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