DUCK & WAFFLE | London

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Talk about an early breakfast.
The popularity of this 24/7 restaurant borders on the incredible as the only time available for last minute breakfast today, Boxing Day, was the odd hour of 6 a.m. and nothing later. It was even worse the day before when not a single table was free the entire day – considering most places were closed on Christmas Day it was more understandable but it begs the question how anyone could get there since public transport wasn’t running. Feeling a bit foolish about venturing out in total darkness for a glamorized breakfast but egged in by Teko’s enthusiasm, we walked the easy 10-minute distance to the Salesforce Tower on 110 Bishopsgate, were met by a bouncer-type receptionist, and zipped up to the 40th floor where the well-regarded Duck & Waffle is located. It was smaller than I expected.


A little late to the party but we made it nonetheless. Duck & Waffle, which has been around a while but still getting good word of mouth, was a last-minute treat before we finished this end-of-year London holiday adventure. I got the signature Duck & Waffle, which for a morning dish felt unusual, while Teko ordered the peanut butter-flavored Full Elvis that unfortunately after two bites was set aside uneaten and thankfully taken out of the bill. The considerate waitstaff brought over a selection of pastries that was gone in no time and hopefully satisfying enough, and the window-side table was a visual treat.

The work front is going to be iffy next year and may not bode well in the short term so trips like this probably won’t be happening again anytime soon – and frankly it may have been wiser not to have gone at all – but how can we not celebrate when it’s still possible. At the end of the day life is too fragile to waste on doubts, and luxuries ought to be enjoyed while we can.
Whether or not the £20 crispy leg confit, fried duck egg, and waffle with mustard maple syrup was worth it, only time will tell.


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