THE CITY | London

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After a fortifying meal outside Borough Market, which was only a little over a mile away from our hotel, our expanding waistlines demanded we see the City on foot yesterday. Starting off with a crossing over the famous Thames atop the equally famous London Bridge, it was a leisurely even pleasant mid-afternoon walk marked with occasional stops and spontaneous detours. We finally got to see the imposing Monument to the London Fire up close along the way, as well as colorfully-busy Leadenhall Market, and some famous skyscrapers in the area.


Sad to say a few things marred the walk, namely a few beggars prostrate on the ground, invisible to many but a social condition I couldn’t help notice, more so given the season. Against better judgment I was tempted to give them a few alms, though I knew they really needed something more than material wealth. In a wealthy society, with even many who are overprivileged, it’s a shame to see some people live in such a reality.
Absent this, the walk turned out to be a nice one, the sun had been with us for the most part and as we passed Liverpool Street station, the Christmas Eve rush was still going strong. We won’t be with family again this year-end, I imagine much like the beggars we passed on the street, but as we both creak along through life we’re fortunate enough to realize how lucky we are in many ways, and with luck and still a lot of hard work continue to be happy with how it all goes.
Merry Christmas to us all.


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