On our third day in London, on the day before Christmas, we had planned nothing more than a dinner reservation. We had the whole day free to wander or not wander, to stay in or not. Teko, however, came down with something, which either complicated our decision-making or made it easier. At risk of another Christmas memorable for all the wrong reasons, I chose the latter option and so not too far away from in Southwark, just 2 kilometers from our hotel, Teko and I walked around the famous Borough Market while waiting for our friend, Pieterjan to join us. Teko hated every minute of it.
I can’t say I blame him – the place was overrun, too crowded, there was no enjoyment to be had in walking around or taking time to look at anything.
I was there with two objectives in any case – to try a scotch egg and a sausage roll from purveyors Scotchtails and Ginger Pig, all suggestions from online blogs and vloggers. Luckily, amidst all the madness I was able to find Scotchtails and there got help to find the other. Unluckily, the £6 scotch egg was surprisingly mediocre while the £3 sausage roll was served cold and barely edible. Both were complete misses, and owing to Teko’s deep displeasure with the place, we left happily soon after. I did find some other interesting stuff in the maze of stalls and wouldn’t mind going back so perhaps another time, Borough Market – hopefully when you’re not too busy. 

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