Rating: 4 out of 5.

After all the missed chances after all these years I am no longer a stranger to Shake Shack.
There was still no Shake Shack to speak of when I left DC in 2008, currently none in Europe except the U.K., and now that we’re here for a few days noticed that they’re not a one-shop operation and it was easy to find one after our sprint through the British Museum. Not five minutes later we were ordering a fancy-sounding black truffle burger, chocolate milkshake, and a side of fries. Cheap gourmet fast food it was for lunch, cheap but not McDonald’s cheap.


To be frank the truffle burger was good but not memorable. I remember the first time having Five Guys and thinking how terrific it was considering the cost, which was pretty much the same price point. Maybe I should have started with the entry-level Shackburger instead – can certainly do that next time – but the milkshake, of which the restaurant is named after all, wasn’t that exciting. The shakes from KFC are actually more satisfying. In any case a curiosity has been answered, the itch scratched. Now if only there’s a White Castle close by.


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