Rating: 5 out of 5.

So far so good, we were packed, washed, and ready with time to spare waiting for our taxi to the airport this morning. Trash taken out, passports checked OCD-style, heating and lights turned off – looks like we haven’t forgotten anything yet though it’s still early enough for a quick round of panic, despair, anger and acceptance should anything go down. And after so many months of keeping it to myself, my surprise to Teko was finally out in the open as soon as we lined up and checked in at the priority lane for our flight. Gladly, the warmth from the staff-person was there as was the extra attention to detail about the lounge where we could wait until boarding. And this being my first time to actually pay for business class – previous times were usually through free upgrades or the generosity of friends – it was a relief to see Teko enjoying the experience and that my holiday treat wasn’t for naught. Let’s see what London has in store.


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