Rating: 4 out of 5.

Being this close to Christmas and as prep for our upcoming Yuletide break outside the continent, an afternoon tea and return visit to The Duchess near Dam Square yesterday was a good precursor, and practically a necessity during these cold December days in late Autumn. I seldom make stops in this often insanely busy part of town so albeit with some hesitation, and since it was time for another culinary adventure with my trusty work colleagues, Sofia and Stevanna, I decided on a venue that was both familiar and special. The next three hours went by just like that.


The food overall was beautifully done – the scones, clotted cream, and jam were the best I’ve had thus far here in Amsterdam, the savory dishes were delicious – the mini-burger in particular stood out, the sweets were positively overwhelming, with the three different teas served throughout unfailingly satisfying.

Likely due to its location inside the W Hotel, the afternoon tea crowd was a little too female-centric, sex in the city for comfort but compared to our previous encounter at The Conservatorium, this one at The Duchess was easily more polished, less amateurish, and overall a far better, more luxurious experience and  entirely appropriate for the price.
With still a few more weekends left this Christmas month and more exciting events to look forward to, it’s onto the next memorable adventure.

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