PATA NEGRA 2019 | Amsterdam

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My sanity needed saving and Pata Negra thankfully delivered.

It was an unusually long day today, exacerbated by a lack of office activity, chronic shoulder pain and consequent lack of sleep, and general malaise all of which made me want to desperately jump out the window of our office building to escape to another reality. My shoulder, after over two months and to date nine visits to the chiropractor, still hasn’t given me relief from radiating, throbbing pain and caused me 4-5 hours of sleep each night since it started, it’s a wonder that I haven’t lost all my hair from the stress. With the sour weather contributing to the low energy level at work, I was pretty much counting the minutes and hours before I could set myself free and get some much needed liquid support. The mojito at Spanish tapas place Pata Negra a few blocks away was just right for the sad occasion, and with a side of mini-empanadas, the quiet environment, and friendly-enough bar service, it was a great salve until I could get picked up afterwards by Teko. I can already tell this winter is going to be another struggle, and some creativity is going to have to rise up somehow for me to get through the days ahead. Hope Pata Negra doesn’t run out of mint.


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