Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

A recent report showed that the best university in the world is the University of Oxford, which is where we found ourselves for two hours this morning. Asian men walking in black flowing Oxford gowns – completely unnecessary to be honest – and shades of Harry Potter everywhere.


Lucky that we went early – parking was easy, not a lot of people on the streets, and we were able to get the last two tickets on the first tour of the day for the Bodleian and the Duke Humfrey’s Libraries, both of which incidentally forbade any photos to be taken. I give up on these people.


First stop, however, was the University Church where the original Duke Humfrey’s Library was made temporarily open to the public, and a breathtakingly stunning view of the surrounding area from atop the bell tower. As yesterday, we were lucky with the clear skies again today and before we knew it, our two hours were over.


I’d been to Oxford a million years ago during my first trip to London and tried hard to retrace my steps from back then – I remember buying a zip up sweater that cost more than I budgeted for, at a time when I barely made more than minimum wage. My circumstances have changed a bit and can buy that same sweater more comfortably now but the anticipation I felt on that first Oxford visit was still evident even now many years later.

Was great to see you again, Oxford.


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