Rating: 5 out of 5.

After the horrors of staying at Hotel Principal in York, it took a 700 year old inn to get us back on our holiday track.

Historic isn’t a big enough word to describe this inn that’s been around so long, like its neighbor Blenheim Palace, it should be a world heritage site itself. After an uneventful three-hour drive, where after a long and sleepless night we decided to leave York as early as we could, we arrived to a gloriously sunny and quaint Woodstock in Oxfordshire, and fell in love not just with the town but also with our perfectly placed hotel for the evening.


It’s the complete antithesis of our alleged five-star hotel in York – the room is considerably larger, there’s a bath for Teko, there’s all-important strong WiFi, friendly staff at reception, wonderful AC in the room, and all of this, unbelievably, from a four-star hotel. How all of these pluses can be had for an even lower price than what we paid for at our last hotel is a mystery I don’t care to question, and it’s an absolute relief not to mention a pleasure being here.



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