Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ever since watching British gardening guru Monty Don I’ve always wanted a house with enough land to have its own water feature. There’s something about the sound of running or falling water that leaves the mind and soul clear, and at peace as if in another world.


This hidden gem of a bridge, privately-owned, slightly off the beaten tourist path, and overlooking the Moriston River falls was something I completely missed while dozed off on our way to Lock Ness, but which Teko luckily remembered and thoughtfully pointed out to me on the way back. With much gratitude to the owners, it’s open for public access, and for a bridge that dates back to 1813, it’s not only still sturdy but beautiful from every angle. I’m sure the homeowners of the only cottage in the area would readily agree. To have such a view in your backyard is beyond priceless.


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