Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rosslyn Chapel of The da Vinci Code fame and likely the second most famous chapel in the world as a result – after the Sistine in Vatican City – suffers from a lingering affliction. They have the increasingly rare ‘no photos allowed’ syndrome and its causes are still unclear.


Much like the Jacobite train, Rosslyn Chapel is world-famous because of its affiliation with pop culture. The big difference between the two, however, boils down to expectations – whereas one is highly marketing its connection and has become a victim of it, the other has a more low-key but effective approach to keep the fame it still has intact.

As far as chapels go, Rosslyn Chapel has a mysticism about it, which is perhaps one of the reasons Dan Brown chose to include it into his novel. Walking in and around the chapel’s vicinity it’s not hard to see it for the lovely, spiritual, and historic structure that it is.

While the causes of their affliction is yet to be determined, outside of a more permanent solution involving some form of incision or cranial lobotomy, a temporary solution appears to be a combo dosage of blinders, and avoidance of the green jacket lady. The first is simply disposing of any sense of shame but being as low key as possible with any circumvention, whereas the second involves keeping an eye out for any roving staffer with a green jacket, someone usually wandering the aisles while another staffer gives a lively lecture on the history of the chapel. Until then, all the rest can do to get by is pray to the Holy Hanks for intercession – because 14th century chapels are so hard to come by. On second thought…



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