Rating: 5 out of 5.

The house of the Duke of Argyll, head of clan Campbell, is famous.

As the setting for one of Downton Abbey’s Christmas episodes, I only realized this was the Scottish Duneagle Castle in the show when we reached the Armoury Hall where muskets shaped like a radiant sun, as well as other well-maintained, expensive-looking weaponry were kept. Why does this look familiar, I thought, and then I had my a-ha moment a few seconds later. Amazing how popular culture can affect one’s perception of something so mundane.


The rest of the house was nicely-kept and rather cozy, the landscaping was beautifully classic, though after I learned the duke and his family still lived in the castle, it dawned on me that living in a museum was a rather cold proposition, not to mention creepy. Given the sour weather we had to endure the whole day, even more so.

The fact it was a castle in Argyll was already a novelty to me, Argyll patterns being popular when I was in high school I was actually on the lookout for some socks to bring home. Sad to say I missed out on this though I do hope to grab at least a merino wool scarf while we’re here in Scotland. Maybe we can pass by the town of Paisley along the way as well.



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