CARTMEL | Grange-over-Sands

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Cartmel is a charming, little village – highly likely the most charming one in these parts yet.


There are so many things going for Cartmel, it’s almost unfair to other villages in the Lake District, if not the whole country. Not only does it have a disproportionately high share of good restaurants – two of which are Michelin star-rated – it also has almost nine hundred years of history by way of the Cartmel Priory, a beautiful, potent village church brimming with character.


After our life-affirming meal at Rogan & Co, the next step was easily a walk-through of the village center where we saw nice-looking stores, buzzing eateries and pubs, and basing on the village parking lot, seemingly a popular destination for weekenders from out of town. With medieval elements everywhere, it’s a village overflowing with atmosphere, and similar to St Emilion in France, it’s not very often that I feel an attraction to a place that leaves me in awe and with only the best memories. Much like the gorgeous weather today, and as a last hurrah in Cumbria, Cartmel was just perfect.



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