Rating: 4 out of 5.

There wasn’t much else to do in Bowness but I had one more item on my list and it had to do with a children’s book. It was a big ask but Teko said yes anyway and soon we were headed into the world of Peter Rabbit.


I’d rarely heard of Beatrix Potter, and Peter Rabbit only barely better. She wasn’t as renowned in Manila when I was growing up, and neither in the U.S. when I lived there, though if memory serves her work seems to be familiar greeting card material. I really didn’t know what to expect from this attraction tour – I felt a bit out of place at the beginning when a video biography of the author was shown, but as we went along found that the representation of her work was well and tastefully done. I tried to go through it as quickly as possible so as not to torture Teko too much and we were out there soon enough, definitely sooner than the others in our group, though I did come out of it feeling Christmas-sy for some reason – something about English tales of humanized animals gives off that magical, woodland vibe. I’ve a feeling our Christmas tree is coming out early this year.


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