Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

So our drive to Caernarfon yesterday brought us through Betws-y-Coed, which was interesting because it was in my list of places to see. Unfortunately it looked like there wasn’t much to it, the rain literally dampening my outlook of the town. We of course had to drive back through it on the way back, which became our opportunity to have a quick stop, and thankfully the rain stopped well enough to let us walk around.


The main attraction evidently was the train station, a cozy one if a little beaten down, and with a train museum that we opted to skip. There’s a church with an eerie-in-the-fairy-tale-sense – or handsmaid-tale-sense depending on one’s predilection – nearby and a hanging pedestrian bridge crossing to rural farms across the river that offered a different side to the town.

There wasn’t much left to do and see after that so off we went back to home base in Bala for our second and final night at Palé Hall. With not much time left, I hope there wasn’t a more exciting town to visit as I have a feeling I won’t likely have another opportunity for a long while, or ever. I suppose another round of these narrow local roads should be exciting enough until the next trip.

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