Rating: 5 out of 5.

As the past 24 hours has shown, this place certainly knows how to make everything an event.

Despite the quiet relaxation offered yesterday by Palé House, there was still some site seeing exhaustion to contend with, and so dinner at the hotel’s restaurant was it for yesterday evening. Opting for an early night, we went for a 6:30 p.m. seating and much like when we arrived yesterday, their approach to dinner was exceptional – they do know how to make any experience feel special.

We arrived at the dining room a couple of minutes late – because we’re on holiday for Pete’s sake – and rather than lead us to our table, we were asked to sit in one of the lounge rooms for an aperitif. We chose to sit in the game room this time and enjoyed our drinks prior to the main event, that is until someone walked in with a plate of amuse-bouches. I relished every moment and every bite.


Once they sensed we were finished, we were then escorted to the dining area. But rather than carry our drinks over, someone took our drinks for us, and soon after sat down to a quiet, sensible meal.


It was a bit too quiet, frankly, as the only other people in the room, an elderly, privileged-looking couple a table away, were practically mute with silence. Expectedly, though, the dishes were delicious and gone in no time, and retiring for a few minutes afterwards in the main living room lounge seemed appropriate.


The A-team, however, was missing for breakfast this morning, a different mood pervaded as the one-person service staff, less smooth and more informal than her other colleagues spoke more familiarly to us ‘gents’, pretty much same as if we walked into any British pub. The food luckily was still good, the eggs Benedict I have to say were exceptional if not the most satisfying I’ve ever had, and did it’s job to get us ready for a long day ahead.


And possibly as a last test, and owing again to a level of exhaustion after another long day today, we chose to stay in and get room service instead. Glad to report that consistency was superlative – with the freshest BLT, delicious mushroom soup with straight from the oven bread, and the loveliest, lightest chocolate mousse – the food was easily the best room service food I’ve ever had and my appetite these past 24 hours has never been happier.


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