Rating: 5 out of 5.

There is no bad angle to Palé Hall wherever I turn, and whatever I thought luxury was before today has been upended completely.

Our three-hour drive from Chepstow finally reached its end at our hotel in Bala, right next to Snowdonia National Park, and if first impressions count, the tally ran high even before check-in with a friendly staffer meeting us at the door, freeing us from our luggage, and leading us to one of three beautiful lounges to breathe easy with a welcome drink. After all that traveling, it was a relief to finally reach our temporary home base in Snowdonia, and especially surprising to get such a welcome. I was curious whether we were given the option to wait in the lounge because the room wasn’t ready but that wasn’t the case at all – they simply gave us time to relax, decompress, and decide when we wanted to be brought to our room. The scent therapy in the common areas was definitely working.


When we had finished our drinks and were ready to settle in, we were led to our rooms immediately – no procedurals, no asking our names, how long we were staying, can we have your credit card. This was no generic check-in. The room we were given was on the second floor overlooking the back gardens, a suite which I not much later found out was an upgrade from what we actually booked – not just once but twice over. Lofty expectations exceeded once again.


Our bedroom has cookies, fruit, and sherry in a decanter – all free – two chandeliers, and a mirror with a built-in TV. Most importantly, Teko has his bath and a beautiful one at that. The grounds are full of wild rabbits scampering about, midget horses, and an albino donkey from what I’ve seen so far.

It’s a beautiful estate and definitely an experience, and I feel very lucky to be here.


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