Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We’re in Salisbury for one, and only one, thing – the Magna Carta. There just also happened to be an impressive-looking cathedral, the world’s oldest working clock, and incidentally not a lot of tourists, which is what I was secretly hoping for. It was a nice second outing after our trip to Highclere this morning and relaxing enough that we had sufficient time to see most of the church and enjoy a simple lunch in the refectory afterwards.


As peaceful as our cathedral trip was, in contrast, our two-hour drive back from Salisbury to Chepstow was as stressful as it could get, a harrowing traffic jam one after another, and it makes me wonder how this country can operate the way it does. The single carriageways that make up a lot of the roads here, combined with the free use of roundabouts and the low quality of roads just aren’t cutting it. We still have two weeks of driving to go and I dearly hope this isn’t the case everywhere else. After five cathedral visits, I pray our trip north won’t be.

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