THE BANTAM TEA ROOMS | Chipping Campden

Rating: 3 out of 5.

There went my plan of keeping my figure.

I find it’s still relatively easy to stay away from not necessarily healthy food, but when the opportunity calls for a mild celebration it’s very hard to stay moderate. I was so enamored by Chipping Campden I wanted to sit down for breakfast in a place that represented the well-practiced quaintness the town was good at, and was open early on a Sunday. The Bantam fit the bill.


Where my choice for breakfast in Chipping Campden falls on the health meter, however, was hard to gauge from my point of view this morning. After all it’s only a scone with hot chocolate on the side – granted the scone had jam and clotted cream and the hot cocoa had a ton of whipped cream and sprinkles on it. It was potent, delicious and gone in no time.


I can’t help but notice again how matter-of-factly the wait service here is, with our waitress this morning even showing a flash of impatience with my question for a recommendation on what to order. No presence of empathy in this case. The Bantam Tea Rooms did a good job with our breakfast and would go again if ever, but if the food goes the way of how they treat customers, let’s just say quaintness can only get you so far.


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