Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Our next stop in the Cotswolds tour was Lower Slaughter, and what drove us there wasn’t any attraction in particular but just their high score in the quaint-meter gauge.


It’s a tiny speck of a town but finding parking was even harder than in much larger Chipping Crampden such that we had to walk about 10 minutes from where we parked to go back to the center. Once we did it didn’t take long to cover everything, from a stop at the fancy-looking Slaughters Manor House, to a failed attempt at lunch at the poorly-staffed Slaughters Country Inn, to the 19th century mill at the west end of town.


Because of our thwarted request for lunch – due solely to a sudden downpour causing their dining area to fill up – and with no other visible options elsewhere, we decided to huff it to our next destination and try our luck there. A small town with limited parking and dining options sounds like any tourist’s bad dream but it was nice to see Lower Slaughter, anyway. The local town council better get busy though with how they should handle the visitors they get now –  before it gets annoyingly too late to do anything later.


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