Rating: 5 out of 5.

As far as the British cathedrals we’ve seen so far – three and counting – this 12th century church in Wells counts as the loveliest yet. No major renovation work like in Canterbury and no mini-golf like in Rochester anywhere in sight, Wells Cathedral was beautiful from the moment we saw her through the port onto the Cathedral Green and once inside even more so. After a morning shower, the stately, aged, stone structure shone like a pearl in the afternoon sun and I couldn’t wait to see what she was all about.


Starting from the 14th century wonder that is Vicar’s Close, we made our way along the side of the cathedral facing the old clock, lingered and admired the ornate front facade, before making our way in, past some hard-selling reception staff asking for donations, for a look at the inspiring interior.

We were in Wells just to see the cathedral really, and didn’t stay to see the rest of the town – I could sense Teko was already raring to get to our next destination. I hope we didn’t miss anything of significance lest another trip would have to be planned. As it is now, the past two days has proven there is so much to see in Southern England it’s almost annoying to think our holiday is too short when it’s only been a few days in. Glastonbury for example will have to wait another day.

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