Rating: 4 out of 5.

World War II-history nerd Teko told me a long while back that if he could choose a place to go to during our trip, it would be a certain world-famous Tank Museum in equally world-famous Bovington. Having planned our trip mostly along what I thought would be interesting to both of us, veering admittedly more to what I preferred to see, it was the least I could do to give him a say on our exhaustive tourist plans. Even if I’d never heard of Bovington. So from our base in South Wales on this cloudy Saturday morning, we drove over two hours south to Dorset just to see some old tanks, or so I thought until we got there and saw how serious this collection was.


The museum was actually quite expansive, in the middle of nowhere, and had a considerable paying crowd in attendance for so specific an exhibit. The tanks were impressive and the work that must have gone to get them all and keep them all in one place a huge accomplishment. According to my personal tour guide, Teko, the desert-colored German Tiger was the big star of all of them and so was rightly displayed dramatically, with pride of place next to it’s arch-enemy, the lesser but more prolific Sherman tank. There were tanks from practically every age, even Leonardo da Vinci’s version of a medieval tank was there, and all in excellent display condition. So excellent that in light of the many period films about WWII, I was surprised to learn some of the tanks still work! All in all the Museum was impressive and likely the best tank museum I’ve ever seen. Well, the first one at least.

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