LEEDS CASTLE | Maidstone

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The one-time love nest of pre-Anne Boleyn-Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon is open for business to us common  folk and we were lucky enough to have had the time to see it yesterday. After satisfying our wanderlust in Canterbury, there was enough time to fit it another famous attraction and a romantic-looking Norman castle from the 1100s attract it did. For a 900-year old royal residence, she was looking resplendent.

With the intermittently cloudy day today, it was hit or miss whether we could get some good shots, and for a few, brief, shining moments, we did. When the sun is right she really can be inspiring. A recurring theme so far in our trip is how manageable the crowds have been, a signal that it’s really the end of summer tourist season in the U.K. or simply how lucky we are to have good timing. Either way our time spent in and around the castle, schizophrenic weather notwithstanding, was better than expected.



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