Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Save for the prosaic name, the Castle View Restaurant actually offered a lot more than other ordinary, or even extraordinary, eateries. How often can one find, for example, a dining area with a full view of one of England’s more famous attractions.

Dinner last night was an unfussy affair of pasta and steak contrasted by a high service level, a much-appreciated surprise given the uninspired interiors. The pasta was nicely-done though a bit too substantial, while the sirloin, on the other hand, could have come with a little more heft.


There wasn’t much to write about after that until breakfast this morning which proved to be a more memorable experience – the Kentish Grill breakfast was satisfying and just big enough to fill my breakfast-averse appetite. Add the fact that our window-side table had a clear, gorgeous view, weather that was perfect, and a quiet crowd of people who, along with us, stayed the night. This made our morning meal one of the more memorable ones thus far.


We’re here for another night barring any additional snafus – Teko got into a literal fender-bender with a local yesterday – and already looking forward to another round of castle viewing tomorrow. Can’t imagine a better send off before we leave for our next stop.


3 thoughts on “CASTLE VIEW RESTAURANT | Maidstone

  1. Hoi Teko and Gerry,

    It is good to see you have a wonderful time in the UK! Many years ago I dined in the same castle with lady Bailey. I think she is now watching her castle from above. Did you see the beautiful pictures of the french impressionists in the castle and furniture?


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