PORK & CO | Canterbury

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Right after our leisurely visit to the city’s famous cathedral followed by a a walk down the main Burgate shopping street, it was 11 a.m. when I suddenly felt a lightness in my head, most likely for two reasons. Having skipped breakfast this morning for one, and it being lunch time as far as my stomach, still on continental time, was concerned. Luckily I had an option in mind which was within short walking distance, and not five minutes later were front and center of a well-regarded restaurant that specialized in all things porcine.


As luck would have it and likely an indictment of our 11 years together, Teko said he didn’t like eating pork. Thankfully the attractive menu had other options, exciting and otherwise, so both of us ended up with some satisfying and affordable, not to mention well-prepared and lovely meals to enjoy. Teko completely finished off their classic chicken roll, and mine was the best pulled pork sandwich I’d had in recent memory – the crunchy strip of pork rind probably didn’t hurt. Icing on the cake were the warm, pleasant interiors and the fact that we were only three tables full in the entire restaurant – the luxury of space, peace, and quiet upping the satisfaction level even more. If there’s one thing this trip – and many previous others to be honest – has proven yet again, the food scene in little Amsterdam town still has a long way to catch up. Hopefully not when pigs start to fly though.


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