EUROTUNNEL | Calais to Folkstone

The wonders of technology indeed.

It’s been around since the mid-90s but it’s still amazing to think that we could take our car with us on a 35-minute English Channel crossing by train. The work that went to make this happen would surely make any project manager go crazy, the logistics and planning alone would have been unbelievable and it makes me wonder whether the roughly €100 cost each way makes all that effort worthwhile. For the claustrophobic though even a free ride is out of the question – the drive through the cabin was a typical mineshaft experience, Blade Runner-style.


Once we saw daylight again at the end of the ride, it felt like I had successfully climbed Kilimanjaro. Notwithstanding hellish thoughts of getting stuck under the channel or water pouring into the cabins, it was with a heavy sigh of relief to have made it to the English side and back above sea level. If we ever do another driving tour in the U.K., there’s still the ferry at least.

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